This Planet’s looking sexy

No, not earth – TCChat’s RSS feed aggregator (a.k.a Planet TCChat) has just received a CSS makeover. At first I thought the dark blue/grey contrast would look like crap, but as I went along it grew on me. I personally think it’s one of my better simple designs. One thing that I’m really starting to like is the blockquote style. The regular side indention looked too plain (even for this layout) so I made a small, slate-colored image to repeat on the left-hand y-axis. The end effect is a simple yet effective way to make the quote stand out.

The aggregator was really an after thought to the whole TC blog site, but now it’s really proving to be a valuable asset. Not only is it indexed by various different search engines on a regular basis, but it gets blog entries out into the open so members are introduced to blogs they might not read otherwise.