Ugh… Laundry

I realized today how much the laundry room for my dorms sucks today. First thing I see when I walked in this afternoon was 3 out of the 5 machines marked as ‘Out of Order’ – sigh…

So I crammed my dark clothes into the last available washer and lugged the remaining clothes back across the courtyard back to my dorm. I came back 40 minutes later to find that someone had somehow opened the *locked* washer midway through the cycle and had spilled my soggy clothes and several gallons of soapy water on the floor. Fabulous. So I re-loaded the washer and scanned my ID card for another $2 (rip-off) worth of wash time. 40 minutes later I come back and begin taking the clothes from the washer – and all of a sudden I’m hit with the foul smell of mold, so I stick my head into the washer to find it absolutely reeks. The thing is so old that there’s mold growing on the outside of the washer drum :p
By this time I had had enough of the washers and tossed my clothes in a dryer with a *ton* of fabric softener to lighten up the mold smell.

…40 minutes later…

I open the dryer and find out that it had stopped working at some point during the cycle – it never ends does it?

Next time I’m going to the laundromat :p