I’ve done it…

Second network card: $4.95
30 minutes spent figuring out how to send additional traffic over said NIC: $0
ourTunes: $0
‘Borrowing’ roommate’s network jack to create a theoretical total throughput of 200mbps: $0

Achieving nirvana on a level never before thought possible: Priceless


Internet Explorer 0-Day Exploit

An exploit for all versions of Internet Explorer was discovered in the wild yesterday. The original exploit discovered and reported to Microsoft in May would only hang IE, but this new discovery allows an attacker to execute any program on your computer. Using a weakness in the way IE handles the JavaScript window() function, an attacker could for example open the command prompt with a command to delete the contents of your My Documents directory. The possibilities are almost endless to what this could be used for. No patch has been issued by Microsoft at this time, but running as a limited account under XP will reduce the ability of this to make drastic system-wide changes.

There is also another solution which works just as well 😉

Come on…

Even though this week is only going to last until Wednesday it’s already looking like it’s going to drag on forever. So far, since last Thursday I’ve:
– Taken 4 exams
– Written a 3 page research proposal
– Done two 10K erg tests (~35min. all out – ouch :P)
– Had practice twice a day, everyday except Sunday

And before Wednesday ends, I’ve got this to look forward to:
– Two more exams
– Four more practices
– Write the first draft of a 10 page research paper
– Pack all my crap

Thursday can’t come too soon 🙁