Wasted Weekend

Well the trip to Michigan ended up being pretty unproductive 😛

We left from the boathouse Friday around 4pm and drove about an hour to Janesville for some food. We stopped at an all-you-can eat place and completely destroyed the place within an hour. After that we drove for another 4 hours or so through Chicago and around the base of Lake Michigan stopping in Benton Harbor for the night. In the morning we went to a McDonalds that was across from the parking lot from us. The employees basically freaked out once we (60 people) had packed in and were standing in line – it took over 40 minutes to complete all of our orders. It took about 3 hours of driving after breakfast to get to Wyandotte and once we got there, we unloaded the trailer, rigged the boats and went out and practiced for about an hour…
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