Nice Day

It’s 62 degrees now, which means it’s t-shirt weather! It’s a great change from the mid-40’s and tomorrow is supposed to be almost 70! It’s a shame I still feel like crap, but the nice weather makes it a little easier to bear. School is going alright for now, although I now have to make up an exam because I slept through my alarm this morning XP

I found out today that we’ll be leaving for Michigan at 3:30pm on Friday and that since I’ve got a clean driving record, my coach wants me to drive a van. Of course doing this requires that I fill out a few forms and have them notarized – of course the only notary that’s close by is only open between 11am and 2pm Mon – Thur… which means I get no lunch tomorrow because that’s the only time I have free. 😐

And yes I realize I’ve made 3 entries in the past 24 hours, I’m trying to see how well the feed aggregator handles it.