<gavin_> huh
<gavin_> mconnor: I don’t understand 347402 comment 29
<gavin_> the go button issue was my fault?
* rob_strong can’t imagine gavin ever doing that
<gavin_> hrm, actually, the problem is in but apparently not in any of the patches on the bug
* gavin_ blames Ryan 😉
<Mossop> haha
<poningru> hehe
* poningru shakes fist at ryan
* rob_strong wants some of what ryan was smoking when he wrote that
<Mossop> As I recall there was an xul error in the original patch which is probably where the mistake crept in
<Ryan> Wait… what!? I’m to blame for the go button?
<Ryan> I did no such thing 😛
<Mossop> Ryan: Yeah its all your fault, we decided
<Ryan> 🙁
<Mossop> Ryan: Feel free to try to prove your innocence 😉
<Ryan> I didn’t even touch that part of the patch!
<Ryan> Though it’s worth noting that that patch was against the trunk 🙂
<Lucy_> mconnor blames gavin 😉
<Lucy_> but that might have changed since last night
<Ryan> Well gavin did check in my patch 😉

<Ryan> Woo. It was totally my fault 🙁
<Mossop> lol
<Ryan> I moved the wrong line in the original patch :/
<Ryan> But in my defense, it wouldn’t have happened if it was a unified diff with context!
<Mossop> Ah here come the excuses 😉
<Ryan> Dude, have you seen the other patch? 😉
<Mossop> Ok maybe I’ll let you off
<Ryan> Yay!
* Ryan hides from mconnor
<mconnor> Ryan: smooth ;P
<Ryan> eep
<mconnor> Ryan: typical sysadmin “looks right, must be right” 😉
<Lucy_> lol
<Ryan> 😛
<Ryan> Hey, it worked okay too!
<mconnor> pfft

Oops 🙁

More Theme Bits

With the initial pieces of the new theme now in the hands (or at least seen by) of thousands of users, there’s no shortage of feedback. The task ahead is to separate the noise from the signal and begin assessing the many concerns, suggestions and bugs. Most of the issues users discovered today have already made their way to Bugzilla – these are just a handful of the total bugs already on file for the new theme, but they’re the issues that I’ve seen being most loudly complained about:
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Firefox 2 Visual Refresh Progress

Last night I worked on getting the new theme changes hacked into my trunk build. After about an hour of failed attempts, I ended up having to pull a new tree to get the patch to grudgingly apply – only to run into bug 346214 and a missing close tag introduced by the patch in browser.xul.
Overall the theme itself is nearly complete and only has a few remaining CSS and polish issues to hammer out. Barring anything catastrophic, the new theme should be landing on the 1.8 branch really soon and should be available in nightlies sometime tomorrow or over the weekend. So without further ado, may I introduce to you the latest iteration of the new official theme for Firefox 2!

Update: The theme is now available in the latest nightly builds. See the link below to grab a copy.

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