<gavin_> huh
<gavin_> mconnor: I don’t understand 347402 comment 29
<gavin_> the go button issue was my fault?
* rob_strong can’t imagine gavin ever doing that
<gavin_> hrm, actually, the problem is in but apparently not in any of the patches on the bug
* gavin_ blames Ryan 😉
<Mossop> haha
<poningru> hehe
* poningru shakes fist at ryan
* rob_strong wants some of what ryan was smoking when he wrote that
<Mossop> As I recall there was an xul error in the original patch which is probably where the mistake crept in
<Ryan> Wait… what!? I’m to blame for the go button?
<Ryan> I did no such thing 😛
<Mossop> Ryan: Yeah its all your fault, we decided
<Ryan> 🙁
<Mossop> Ryan: Feel free to try to prove your innocence 😉
<Ryan> I didn’t even touch that part of the patch!
<Ryan> Though it’s worth noting that that patch was against the trunk 🙂
<Lucy_> mconnor blames gavin 😉
<Lucy_> but that might have changed since last night
<Ryan> Well gavin did check in my patch 😉

<Ryan> Woo. It was totally my fault 🙁
<Mossop> lol
<Ryan> I moved the wrong line in the original patch :/
<Ryan> But in my defense, it wouldn’t have happened if it was a unified diff with context!
<Mossop> Ah here come the excuses 😉
<Ryan> Dude, have you seen the other patch? 😉
<Mossop> Ok maybe I’ll let you off
<Ryan> Yay!
* Ryan hides from mconnor
<mconnor> Ryan: smooth ;P
<Ryan> eep
<mconnor> Ryan: typical sysadmin “looks right, must be right” 😉
<Lucy_> lol
<Ryan> 😛
<Ryan> Hey, it worked okay too!
<mconnor> pfft

Oops 🙁