SearchWords 0.3

SearchWords 0.3 includes a complete redesign of the address bar code fixing issues with multiple keywords and includes support for the <SearchForm> and <Alias> MozSearch elements. Several minor improvements to the manager interface are included as well.

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  1. Hi, I really like this little but handy extension, and thank you for your work!

    I have only one question here: could you please tell me where the settings of this extension (i.e. the keywords of the searchplugins) are stored? I have recently needs to backup my settings to transfer them to a new profile, so I hope to locate the whole setting. Thank you in advance for your help!

  2. Is there a way to have SearchWords searches open into a new tab? I’ve tried also installing a couple of other Firefox add-ons that manage tabs but haven’t had any luck.

    Thanks, Rowan.

  3. Hi, I’m just wondering if the settings for this extension are kept under “options” in the add-on manager? Because running Firefox I get a grayed out options box and I can’t figure out how to use this extension otherwise :/ … I really want this functionality as I miss it from Opera 🙁 Do you have any suggestions?

  4. Rowan: For now you can hit Alt + Enter to make searches open in a new tab. I’ll be sure to add an option to make it do that by default in the next version.

    paulccpaul: The extension doesn’t have any options in Firefox’s options panel, all you need to do is assign keywords for search engines by going to the search box, opening the search engine drop down and clicking on ‘Manage Search Engines’. After that, just enter ‘ ‘ into the address bar.
    This extension doesn’t have any options in the most recent version, so a grayed out options button is normal.

    – Ryan

  5. Another option idea:

    The ability to highlight text on the page, then right-click for the context menu, and in there would be a sub-menu with each of the search engines listed.

    So for example, you could highlight “Silence of the Lambs” on the page, right-click, and send that text to the imdb search (optionally: new tab).

    I’d use it.


  6. Getting queries to show up in history might be a bit difficult in Firefox 2, but I’ll look into it. Context Search sounds like what you’re looking for in your second suggestion. 🙂

  7. Re Context Search: ah yes, that’s it. Thanks.

    Re SearchWords: there seems to be a difficulty with using ‘w’ as the search word. I’ve re-added wikipedia using that key several times and either the whole wikipedia search plugin disappears after a day or so, or it reverts back to a previous key.


  8. Hi Ryan I’m using your extension and I like it very much.
    Is there a possibility to ad in the future versions of searchwords a folder grouping option for searches like in “Organize Search Engines” extension and assigning a keywords for those folders to search in many searches simultaneously?
    I think it would be a nice and useful future.

  9. Does this plugin work at all for seamonkey? I saw it under the seamonkey extensions section but when I attmpted to install it it said no script found.

  10. Hi, Great work!
    Wanted to know if you are thinking of adding the option to do the same in the search bar and not in the address bar?

    Thanks again,

  11. Hi, Really Great work!
    I just love it… like Opera..
    I hope you can improve this extension capabilitie, so we can see Search term suggestions well we type it in the URL bar… Just like search box… i hope you can do that?
    Thanks Again

  12. This is a great little extension for all us keyboard-before-mouse people. I noticed that Opera has similar functionality, and went looking for a Firefox extension — voila!

    Since people in these comments seem to be asking, you set the key words by selecting the searchbar dropdown, and then “manage search engines” at the bottom.

    Ryan — nice work! Some small suggestions for future versions: when you open that search dropdown, it would be awesome to see the shortcuts next to the search engines there. Just in case you’re forgetful and don’t remember what the settings were 🙂 A fancier feature would be if you mouse over the regular URL entry spot (I seem to be terminologically challenged today), show current searchword shortcuts as mouseover text.

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