This Week in Perf

Picking up from the last post, here’s what I’ve been up to for my part of the startup improvement project:


  • Landed bug 499123 – the effects on Ts as seen by Talos were mostly inconclusive (though were trending in the right direction!) and didn’t match what I had seen while testing locally.
  • Did some profiling for bugs 441355 and 496217. I posted some findings for 441355 and filed bug 512837 for a potential improvement discovered in the process. I haven’t been able to reproduce 496217 before the end of DelayedStartup() yet, though I suspect the default start page and its text field is probably what’s causing this to show up at times.

Next Steps

  • Didn’t have much timeĀ  to finish up bug 507073 due to the Firefox work week, but hope to do so next week.