Winter’s Back… With a Vengance

This winter has been fairly moderate in terms of weather with little snow and temperatures hitting 50°F on Monday. That was until we got hit by a blizzard on Thursday which brought with it 15in of snow and plunging temperatures. This is what I was greeted with this morning:

-14F with -32F wind chill

I think I’ll be staying inside until spring….

Chuck Norris Can

After my floor took on a Chuck Norris theme* (second and third went with Sean Connery and Katherine Hepburn respectively) I decided that Moznet could stand a little Chuckifying, so I wrote up a module for Mozbot and set it loose in a few channels. Of course you can only have so much greatness on one network, so he’s now restricted to #chuckbot (/msg ChuckNorris help for commands). Even through his time outside of his new sandbox was short, it was long enough to start a Chuck buzz. If you’re brave enough to submit a bug on it, chuck.diff awaits. 😉

*pictures soon!

Almost There…

In 48 hours I’ll be getting up and preparing for my 6am flight back to D.C. 🙂 It’s been a long time since I’ve been home and I’m really looking forward to it. All I’ve got left is an easy little 2-page paper and an mildly difficult exam. I’ve spent the weekend studying and preparing some Christmas gifts to bring with me. Unfortunately with all the running around I’ve done this weekend, I’ve somehow managed to lose my student ID (which also serves as our debit card) so I’ve had to suspend that until I either find it or go and get a new one. Buying food from the dining halls has really sucked since I now have to use cash and cash customers get their food prices marked up by 60% 😛
Just 48 more hours…


Lake Mendota froze last night. It’s not really a surprise considering it’s been about -2 for a week. On top of being really cold this week, we just got another 4 inches of snow. In some places it’s almost 2ft. deep due to previous snowfall and the high winds we’ve been having.
I can’t wait until I’m back home in the relatively warm weather.